The Peripatetic Historian walks 650 miles to Rome following an ancient pilgrimage route

The apostle waits to greet pilgrims in Rome. All photos by the author.

It was a long walk.

In the summer of 2019, my wife, Mary, and I hiked 650 miles along the Via Romea Germanica. We started in the alpine town of Brennero, right on the Austrian/Italian border, and proceeded south, down the spine of Italy, to the city of Rome. …

A winter storm unleashes its fury on the Oregon coast.

A simple cross stands before the raging seas on the Oregon coast. All photographs by author.

On Sunday, an Arctic low pressure system spun off the North Pacific and hurled gale force winds against the Oregon coast. The winds intensified as the afternoon expired. Beach homes shook, plates of picture window glass flexed ominously as 50 MPH gusts battered the shore. …

Salorno, Italy to (near) Nave San Felice: The band begins to play; we leave the Sud Tirol; Mary trips a burglar alarm; beggars at the feast.

We have yet to leave the mountains of the Alto Adige behind us. All photos by the author.

7:55 AM. The cathedral bells of Salorno had been tolling vigorously for about five minutes, calling the faithful to the morning mass. Suddenly, we heard the sound of a brass band erupt outside our hotel. What was this? An unanticipated display of South Tyrolian culture? …

Termeno, Italy to Salorno: Visiting medieval frescoes in the Church of San Giacomo; the long path to Salorno.

On the Road to Salorno. All photos by author.

We awoke to the sound of angels bowling in the mountains. Lightning splintered over the high peaks, and the resulting thunder smashed, ricocheted, and echoed in the canyons. On the hillside above us the bells of San Giacomo’s church tolled plaintively. …

Richard J. Goodrich

Author and history professor. Monthly Newsletter, “What’s New in Old News” available at:

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